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The Wild One The Wild One (Phantom Stallion, #1)
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Seven Tears Into the Sea Seven Tears Into the Sea
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Mustang Moon Mustang Moon (Phantom Stallion, #2)
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Dark Sunshine Dark Sunshine (Phantom Stallion, #3)
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Free Again Free Again (Phantom Stallion, #5)
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Terri Farley
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February 1

All afternoon and evening my imagination has been crowded with pictures of horses.

Star Shower, Popcorn, brown and white paint, albino with blue eyes, and believe it or not, they're part of my weird homework!

My English teacher told us to write about languages which can be understood by anyone, anywhere. At first, the whole class was confused, but then she suddenly shoved her hands, palms out, toward us, and we all got it. It meant STOP.

I was thinking of sign language and red lights until I got home and smelled Gram's oatmeal cookies. Brown sugar, raisins, warm and, oh yum!

When I opened the door I saw Blaze with his front paws up on the table. His muzzle was really close to the cookies. I snapped my fingers, pointed at him and he ducked his head and backed away, wagging his tail low, looking embarrassed.

And suddenly, I knew exactly what I was going to write about - horse language!

There are horse lovers in every country and they communicate with their ponies and horses, right? So they must just read their body language.

Examples were easy to think of . . . I remember Mikki, one of the HARP girls, asking me if Popcorn's attitude was improving toward her. His ears were pricked forward like he was pointing at her, he didn't move away, and there was a glow of interest in his eyes.

Then I thought of Star Shower, the beautiful paint filly that Jake tamed. The first time he rode her, she reared and stayed up so long that she even took a few steps on her back hooves! It doesn't take a horse expert to realize she was testing him. And then later she stood close, brushing her lips over his hair. Without saying a word, she told him he'd passed her test.

Now, I really should be writing this up for my teacher, but I can't.

I keep thinking about the Phantom, how he crosses to the center of the river by moonlight, always meeting me halfway.

That's trust and we both know it.